Well, if you have come to this website, I’m guessing we are related, or my parents called you. 

I have spent the past several months seriously considering running for Mayor of Denver.  Honestly, this is a huge decision that affects every person in my life. And, my greatest responsibility in this life is my family – both my girls and my parents. To my family—thank you. I love you.


As I considered this decision, many friends graciously hosted discussions at their homes with their neighbors to talk about the state of our city. I’ve sat in living rooms and on porches and patios all over Denver and I’ve discovered, yes, we share many of the same concerns. But even more powerfully  – we share the same optimistic vision for the future of our city:

  • A city where all people have access to shelter and housing.

  • A city where we all feel safe and take pride in our neighborhoods.

  • Where our parents can age in the neighborhoods they raised their children.

  • Where our children can afford to choose Denver as their home.

  • A city where all of our people have access to opportunity.

  • A city that works.


When I came to Denver 36 years ago, I came because Denver promised me and my family a better future. So, I want you to know I’m taking the next step to run for mayor because I still do believe in the promise of Denver.


First though, we have a very important election in November. We are all keenly aware of how important this election will be to our nation, our state and our city.  And right now that’s where our focus needs to be. So, I’ll hold off on making any  formal campaign announcements until then, but I promise we’ll make a ruckus after that.


I will use this time to prepare for the campaign ahead. I’ve never run for political office before, so while I know a lot about running the city, there’s much to learn about being a candidate.


That said, I know some of you love me already (thanks Mom and Dad) and have asked how to volunteer and/or donate to the effort. Here’s how you can do just that:

Please come back and visit us this fall as there’s much more to come.  In the meantime,

Believe in the Promise of Denver!


Kelly for Mayor 

P.O. Box 3120

Denver, CO 80201

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